Confessions of a Green Genie

Green Genies Spring Cleaning 

It breaks our hearts when we catch a glimpse of your stash of chemical cleaners

Do you not trust us? Would it please you to know that the products we use are the very products we use in our homes? I've even gotten my husband to wash his car with our 100% plant based products. Let's get you started on your very own natural methods so you can pleasantly surprise us at your next scheduled cleaning!

  Sometimes we spend some extra time playing with your darling pets. 

Dogs, cats, goldfish, chickens, llamas.  Yes, LLAMAS.  Every Green Genie employee is an animal lover.  I'm eagerly awaiting our very first bird owner. Where are my bird people?? If you're a bird owner, you should already be aware of their  life threatening sensitivities to chemicals, and perfumes. Our products are safe to be used around ALL of your adorable creatures.  

Making a bed that is against a wall

It's so hard to change the sheets on a bed that is only accessible from one side.  We climb, we struggle, we bend our fingernails backwards, and it's nearly impossible to make the bed look good.  If you have a small space and feel like it's the only option for you, try placing the bed at an angle in the corner of the room.  This way, you're saving some space and creating easy bed making experience.  Not to mention it looks much better.  

Perpetually sealed windows and curtains.

It's a beautiful sunny day, and your house is stuffy, dark and dreary.  Are you the undead? Afraid of fresh air?   Nothing brightens moods like sunlight and fresh air.  It creates a warm, happy, and comfortable feeling in each living space. Stale air is a breeding ground for illness, and insufficient amounts of sunlight can lead to depression, and fatigue. So, do everyone a favor and open your curtains and windows and let the goodness in!

Spring is a time for new beginnings.  It's your time to give up chemical cleaners, pull your beds away from the wall, open those windows and let the Spring shine in!!

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