Green Cleaning Services and Rates

Rate: $60 Per Man-Hour

($60 per-staff, per-hour)



 Below are average price-ranges for initial cleaning services as well as subsequent maintenance. Total cost varies based on the size, condition, and activity of your home, as well as the details of your cleaning needs.


   Initial "Spring" Cleaning 

   12-20 man-hours

Weekly/Bi-Weekly Maintenace

 4-10 man-hours

Once Monthly Maintenace

6-12 man-hours

$720-$1200 $240-$600

$360-$720 (4 man-hour minimum per visit)

Cleaning Services Loudonville, NY



General Cleaning List:

Dust: Cobwebs and dust removed from walls, ceilings, corners, wall hangings, woodwork, baseboards, window sills, blinds, furniture, under and behind furniture (where accessible), light fixtures and fans.


Cushions lifted (if possible), vacuumed and leather dusted and spotted (for initial cleaning and as needed moving forward)


-Hard floors vacuumed and washed
-Rugs/carpet vacuumed

Light switches and door knobs:

-wiped and sanitized

Doors and Wood Work:

-Wet wiped (for initial cleaning and as needed moving forward)


Removed and bags replaced where applicable

Room to Room:


-Toilet, shower/tub, sink scrubbed, vanity area thoroughly cleaned and sanitized
*See (also) General Cleaning List

Bedrooms: -Vacuum under beds if accessible
-Dust where accessible
-Linens changed
*See (also) General Cleaning List



-Exterior of cabinets dusted and cleaned top to bottom
-Counters thoroughly cleaned
-Exterior of appliances cleaned
-Interior of microwave cleaned
-Sink cleaned and hardware shined
*See (also) General Cleaning List
*Living Room
*Dining Room
*Other Rooms

*See (also) General Cleaning List



Services Not Provided:

Upholstery cleaning, Carpet/Rug cleaning, Floor stripping/waxing, litter boxes or pet excrement, outdoor/exterior cleaning.

Special Projects or Services Upon Request:

Interior of fridge, freezer, or oven, Interior of cabinets
Washing window blinds, window washing 
(some restrictions apply to exterior windows), wall washing, dishes, laundry, tidying and light organizing.