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"Thanks so much for doing such a fabulous job.  It's one thing for us to appreciate the effort you and your crew put into the job.  But, when the "Bridge Ladies" came in and immediately complimented Roberta on how sparkling the kitchen is, it was almost embarrassing to acknowledge that the past cleanings by us did not measure up to what you accomplished."
-John M. Slingerlands, NY

"Green Genies arrives on the scene and every little bit of dirt trembles. Those nasty bits know their time is up!!  With a practiced swipe Green Genies wipes them all away and cleanliness returns! No fuss! No fumes! Only green clean rooms!" 
-Frank Hodge, Albany, NY

"The Green Genies recently cleaned my home and after they left I walked through the house in amazement. They were very thorough and attentive to all the little nooks and crannies of each room. Their use of green plant-based products are safer for my partner and I, and our two small dogs. I highly recommend Green Genies services!"
-Harris, Albany, NY

 "I could easily be the fussiest consumer of cleaning services in the Capital Region. I'm very particular about the cleaning products used in my home and I insist on consistency among cleanings, especially when a service has been cleaning my house for a long time. Green Genies were the first service to get it right the first time, with no "suggestions" from me. I see the same faces every other Wednesday, and they continue to do an outstanding job time after time. The Green Genies is the fifth cleaning service I've hired and I'm delighted that it will be the last."
-Palmer, Albany, NY

"Green Genies are wonderful! They are professional, polite, punctual and they do a great job. My house looked very clean after they left. Before they left, they asked me if I needed help with anything else, which I thought was very nice. I highly recommend them if you need help cleaning your house."
-Heeran, Loudonville, NY

 "I just had my home gone over by Green Genies. I am so amazed. The house smelled fresh and almost glowed. My husband went into the bathroom and exclaimed "They must have used a lot of Lime Away!" (We have serious hard water issues and it leaves quite a buildup). I replied with a wide smile....NO all done with "Green" cleaning products!! Michelle and her team are passionate and professional. As a business owner and having little time to get to the "details" of cleaning I was so impressed with the attention to nooks and crannies of my dusty old home. I highly recommend Green Genies. I am a most happy camper."
-Halasz, Cohoes, NY