Cast Iron Care

               Cast Iron Care
Cast Iron is my number one pick for non-stick cookware.  Why? 

 1. It does not contain PFC's (Perfluorocarbons) or any other harmful chemicals.

 PFC's are linked to liver disease, cancer, and developmental issues.
They are released in the air when heated, and can be ingested when the surface of the pan becomes scratched. Eww. 

2.  It fortifies our food with iron. Iron deficiency is common throughout the world.  It's estimated that 10% of women in the US have an iron deficiency.

3. Because it is non-stick, you do not need to use oil.  Less oil, less fat equals better health.

4. It's SO versatile.  You can use it on the stove, in the oven, one the grill, or over a campfire.

5. It will last forever.  As long as you clean it properly, and re-season when needed.

I've posted before about cleaning your cast iron and the technique hasn't changed.

                                             Cleaning your cast iron:

1. Grab some salt.  Table salt, sea salt, iodized salt, whatever you have on hand.

2. Put about 2-3 tbs (or more if needed) into your pan

3. Scrub with a dry sponge, or cloth
-All the burned on bits will be buffed away, while the salt absorbs any lingering odors. 

                                       Re-Seasoning your cast iron cookware

Notice your food starting to stick in the pan? maybe a little discoloration, or rust? That's a sure sign to re-season... and its easier than it sounds.

1. Clean your pan well with hot soapy water (Prior to re-seasoning is the only time you should use soap and water to clean your pans)

2.  Dry your pan.

3. Give it a rub down with vegetable oil (I tried coconut oil).  Make sure you get the top, bottom, sides, and handle.
4. Preheat your oven to 400 and place pan upside-down on top rack for at least an hour.

5. Open all your windows, and turn on your oven vent because it's going to get smokey.

- After your pan is cooled, store in a dry place. 

Voila!  Safely stick free and ready to use.  Happy cooking!

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