Green Pest Control for your Garden

Green pest control for your garden
My parents retired last year and bought a home that sits on about 12 acres in Maine. They are hoping to create a successful organic garden.  In the past, my mother has always tried various non toxic and earth friendly pest and insect control methods, such as, leaving bowls of beer out to intoxicate and drown slugs, and various DIY sprays from cayenne pepper and so on.  I believe these were minimally effective. So, I've dug through books and books and more books and found some new and from what I've read, very effective ways to keep your garden "green" and control those pesky pests for good.  I would bet that a combination of these methods would have the best results. So, if you're just starting out in the green gardening world, this is especially for you. 

TOPICAL SPRAY (for plants, fruit, and vegetables):

You'll need:
4 Onions
2 Garlic Cloves
2 Tbs Cayenne
2 Tbs Dr. Bronners unscented liquid soap

-Puree onions, garlic, and cayenne in blender with 1 qt water.  Set mixture aside.  Next, dilute  the 2 tbs. Dr. Bronners in 2 gallons of water. Lastly, pour all contents into a large spray bottle (or two) and get busy.

 Black Pepper and Flour- mix equal parts black pepper and flour and sprinkle around the base of your plants or around your garden perimeter to keep slithering and crawling pests away.

 Ashes- Clean out your fire pit or fire place lately? Well, save those ashes! They are great for your soil and can be used to prevent cutworms, slugs, and snails.  Just scatter ashes in a boarder around your garden or around individual plants.  You can also sprinkle in small amounts topically to manage infestations of small soft bodied insects.


My grandfather was a barber for about 40 years.  He used to bring hair clippings home to hang in bags around my grandmothers garden. While for most of us, human hair is not really an option, but pet hair most certainly is! Dog hair will work best.  Brush your pup out once a week, replacing the bags of hair each time. The best part is, your pooch or pooches with be nicely groomed each week and your garden will be free of deer, rabbits, and other furry garden eaters. Critters won't come around when they smell humans (or humans best friend) in the air.


 Combat insects and pest with other plants.!
         Marigold  One of the most common and effective. Marigolds are very brightly colored orange and yellow flowers with a very distinct aroma.  They not only deter most garden pests and insects, they also stimulate vegetable growth. 

  -Plant them in between your plants and around your garden in a solid border.  They add a nice splash of color and are very inexpensive..

Oregano- Another effective plant that will keep many insects and pests at bay. 


- String up aluminum pans in pairs off the branches of your fruit trees.  The pans bang together, scaring off birds and squirrels 

-Cover dwarf fruit trees, berry bushes, and strawberry patches with bird netting.  

Happy Green Gardening! 

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