Refreshing summertime hydration!

Well, between rainstorms, it is a gorgeous summer, isn't it? Beautiful sunshine and gentle breezes - plus the rainbows after the storms! Make sure you are getting out to enjoy this most lush of seasons.

We thought that we would offer a couple drink ideas to help you stay hydrated this season, because isn't there just something so refreshing about a tasty bevvy after you've been sweating away on garden or lawn duty? Water is great and all, but you have a lot of fluid to replenish!

And while it does feel luxurious to sip a chilled cocktail on an evening patio with the sunset streaking the sky, summer is a thirsty season and you need other things to wet your whistle with. We've got you covered with some simple drinks that have the feel of a speakeasy treat without the alcohol.

We'll start with one that's got a million variants - infused water!

Green Genies Eco-friendly Cleaning Service is so excited to offer some of our favorite, simple drinks as suggestions for staying hydrated this summer, naturally!

Take your plain water that you drink glasses of every day (or at least, we hope you drink glasses of it... your body needs water, friends!) and then add, well, whatever! And let it sit for a while so the flavor gets into the water. And kapow! Delicious infused water!

When we say you can add whatever, we kind of mean it! You can add fruits, vegetables, and/or herbs, singly or in combinations, and get a refreshing beverage. Popular options include lemon and mint, cucumber and mint, cucumber and lime, even basil with strawberry (don't go overboard with the basil). You could toss a few frozen raspberries or blackberries in, too. Think of it like a water sangria!

Go citrusy with lemon/orange/grapefruit water for a good pucker, or lemon/orange/mint, or lemon/cucumber... you get the idea. It's so easy but makes for a great change-up from the everyday.

Another super simple refreshment for the sultry summertime is a very basic mocktail - seltzer with lime and bitters.

Green Genies Eco-friendly Cleaning Service is so excited to offer some of our favorite beverages as tasty suggestions to stay hydrated this summer, naturally!

It's amazing that the presence of a few bubbles can make a drink feel immediately more special. So when you're pouring yourself a glass of seltzer, why not add a splash of bitters, a squeeze of lime juice, and garnish with a lime wedge to make that drink feel even more like a fancy treat? This drink, again, is super easy and has a million variants.

We're big fans of using unflavored seltzer and then being really able to taste the bitters. We've been using locally made bitters by The Hudson Standard, which are great because they have no artificial coloring or preservatives like some brands. Start with a good squirt or couple shakes of bitters into your glass (depending on the delivery method of your bottle!) and then, if desired, a squeeze of lemon or lime juice, topping off with seltzer. You can use some ice if inclined, and then just add the garnish of a lime or lemon wedge to finish it off.

Sit back, relax, and sip some bracing, refreshing tasty, knowing that this healthy drink is actually good for you! (Bitters were originally formulated as medicines to stimulate and aid digestion.)

Our next drink is a fun way to harvest the power of the sun to make delicious brews - Sun Tea!

Green Genies Eco-friendly Cleaning Service is so excited to offer some of our favorite beverages as tasty ways to stay hydrated this summer, naturally!

The premise of sun tea is that you put herbs and water in a jar, and then let the power of the sun brew your tea! You can let it steep for a couple hours, or longer, depending on how strong you want it. Our sister company, Tidy Thyme, has a detailed post about it here. The tea pictured used hibiscus flowers that made it such a lovely ruby color. Again, endless possibilities and variations with whatever tea herbs you love or have on hand.

There are so many great ways to make summer hydration interesting and delicious. In addition to the ideas above, try changing up your standard recipes!!

  • Steep a handful of lavender flowers or rosemary leaves into your lemonade for a fragrant twist (you can put them in a muslin tea bag if you don't want to strain them out).
  • Switch out some or all of the tea of an Arnold Palmer with mint tea for a bright new taste.
  • Try a vinegar-based switchel or shrub drink mixed with seltzer for a sweet-tart treat.
  • Add some sparkling water to iced tea to tickle your tongue.

We hope that these ideas get you thinking (and drinking!) of all the fabulous ways that you can keep that body you love hydrated this summer. After all, being awesome in the hot weather is a lot of work! Stay cool out there.

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