Tidy Tip Tuesday: Let there be light switches!

Hi there! Welcome to another Tidy Tip Tuesday!

This week, we wanted to bring to your attention an often-overlooked area for smudges and grime: the humble light switch.

Green Genies Ecological Cleaning Service suggests that you give your light switches some love! Don't overlook these germy, smudgy switches!

It is the first thing you reach for when you enter a room. It allows you to illuminate your world. It is also a magnet for oil, germs, and dirt.

When you are cleaning, make sure to give your switches some love! It's easy - while you dust, you can just use your microfiber with Dusting Spray, or use a cloth dampened with some Multipurpose Cleaner.

Depending on your situation, a quick wipe of the switch (top, sides, and bottom) and the switchplate to sanitize and de-smudge may be enough.

If your switches are a little older or neglected, it might take a touch of elbow grease to get them up to snuff. Use a fingernail to get the cloth in the dirt-filled line (you know, the one below "OFF").

If the letters of "OFF" and "ON" are grimy, dampen a corner of the cloth and press it into the letters, making tiny back-and-forth and circular motions to try and clean these little crannies. (If this isn't enough, a toothbrush should be able to get out any remaining dirt.) Similarly, if there is gunk at the top and bottom of the switch, cram a little bit of rag in and move it back and forth a little.

Once you have your light switches included in your regular cleaning routine, a quick swipe will be all you need!

Happy Cleaning!

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