Tidy Tip Tuesday: Shine it up!

Hi! Welcome to Green Genies' Tidy Tip Tuesday! This week we have a quick little tip for you and your plumbing fixtures.

Green Genies Eco-friendly Cleaning Service Tidy Tip Tuesday - Shining up your faucets and fixtures!

One of the easiest ways to really give your cleanings a luxe finish is to shine up the hardware of your faucets and showers. It is a simple action, but really brings a finished look to your hard work!

Removing the finger smudges and water spots from your chrome or brushed-finish fixtures is a surprisingly effective way to add a little wow!factor. (A handy tip to remember if you're doing a quick tidy before company is on its way!)

Green Genies Eco-friendly Green Cleaning Services suggests you shine up your hardware with Tidy Thyme Plant Based All Natural Glass & Stainless Steel Cleaner for the perfect finishing touch.

To perform this simple process, just spritz a little Tidy Thyme Glass & Stainless Steel Cleaner onto a clean microfiber cloth and wipe the fixture. (We always recommend the use of the 100% plant-based products of our sister company, Tidy Thyme!)

Make sure you don't have your cloth too wet because that can leave behind little beads of liquid that you then need to wipe up.

If the faucet in question has a grain like stainless steel, always make sure to do your final wipe going along with the grain.

Get all the handles and nooks and crannies as best you can, give a final swipe, and then step back and look at the gleam! It's so simple and satisfying.

Shine on! Thanks for reading. See you next week for another Tidy Tip Tuesday!

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