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$45 Per Man-Hour

($45 per-staff, per-hour)


Initial / Spring Cleaning


Weekly/Bi-weekly Maintenance


Monthly Maintenance

8-16 man-hours  4-8 man-hours 5-10 man-hours
$360-$720 $180-$360 $270-$450

Initial / Spring Cleaning

A typical Initial/ Spring Cleaning starts around 8 man-hours and can range to as much as 24 man-hours, depending on the condition of the space and the scope of service.

Routine Maintenance Cleaning

(most of our clients are on a weekly or bi-weekly cleaning schedule)

Following the initial cleaning service, regular maintenance cleanings average around 4-8 man-hours.

Customized Plans

Please contact Green Genies today for a free consultation. We will discuss your specific needs, and create a personalized service plan and proposal for your review.
If you have a designated budget for your cleaning service needs, please inform your Green Genies professional at the time of your consultation. We can create a customized plan/proposal that balances your budget with your cleaning priorities.